Our Science

harness the power of alkali metals

With stabilized alkali metals, customers are achieving production efficiencies and yields they never thought possible.


The volatile nature of alkali metals has limited their use, particularly in large-scale operations. While excellent conductors of energy and heat, alkali metals are costly, dangerous, and difficult to manage.

SiGNa has created a portfolio of safe, free-flowing solids that retain the reactivity of the original metal, but without any dangerous or highly combustible properties. The secret is SiGNa’s technology for the dissolution of reactive metals into nanostructured inorganic oxides, such as silica and alumina, which preserves the reactivity of the metal while controlling its propensity to react violently with water and oxygen.


Retain the power of the parent metal and increase energy efficiency.


High speed reduction reactions at room temp and pressure.


No liquid ammonia or cryogenic temperatures are needed.


Simplified processing operations help reduce production costs.

The resulting alkali metal solid solutions are easily handled in the lab, pilot plants, and commercial manufacturing facilities, allowing the full potential of alkali metals to be realized for the first time. SiGNa’s products react controllably and with predictable activation and do not require toxic solvents and cryogenic temperatures. With these materials, the speed of critical reaction times can be increased up to 90% and processing steps can be eliminated. Usable in batch and continuous processes, stabilized alkali metals are used as reducing agents, catalysts and as a portable source of heat/hydrogen.