greener materials delivering better performance

SiGNa’s products are designed with sustainability in mind


Our sustainability practices begin in the lab, where we continually look for better ways to create new products and cleaner chemical manufacturing processes. This means eliminating toxic solvents whenever possible, developing chemicals that create no toxic by-products and less waste, and helping our customers to design chemical manufacturing processes that are cleaner, safer and more energy efficient. Our focus on sustainability continues throughout the product lifecycle. We manufacture our products using renewable raw materials and use little energy and no toxic solvents for production. During use, our products create no greenhouse gases, toxic by-products, or harmful emissions.

As a company, our goal is to show that green chemicals can achieve the same, or better, performance than the more volatile materials that are currently used. This approach is not only better for the environment and human health, but it improves our customer’s bottom line by saving money, time and resources.

SiGNa’s smart science is sustainable for the global community.