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About SiGNa Chemistry

SiGNa transforms pure alkali metals into safe, easy-to-use materials for energy recovery and industrial chemical applications. Usable in batch or continuous processes, these materials improve production yield, lower raw material consumption, reduce operating costs and improve safety. Our simple, sustainable technology has opened the door to a new generation of chemical innovation. It’s smart science that leads to big results.

About Michael Lefenfeld

Michael Lefenfeld, SiGNa’s founder, is a scientist at heart and an entrepreneur by nature. He has devoted his career to making industries safer and products greener — leading to safer work environments, better medical technologies, and alternative energy solutions. He originated SiGNa’s cornerstone stabilized reactive metal technology, which are used to improve production processes in energy recovery, petrochemical refining and chemical manufacturing industries.

Michael built his career around the belief that many of the solutions our world seeks—better healthcare, cleaner manufacturing, sustainable energy—can be achieved with better science. Prior to SiGNa, Michael embraced his ability for developing and commercializing new technology and launched and sold three other companies by the time he was 30. He has been widely recognized for his efforts including:  ICIS Top Chemical Power Player to Watch, Cedars-Sinai Award for Technology Innovation in Medical Devices, Red Herring Magazine’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 35, Inc. Magazine’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, BusinessWeek’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25. He also holds more than 50 patents in areas including medical devices, controlled release, electronics, chemical reactivity, and information technology.

Michael has a Masters of Philosophy in Chemistry from Columbia University and a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St Louis. Michael is an annual lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and is an adjunct faculty scholar at Michigan State University. He is a member of the business advisory board for the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, the board of entrepreneurs for Venture for America, and the advisory board for Washington University of St. Louis’ EECE.

About Jim Dye

A Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Michigan State University, Dr. Dye is the only chemist in Michigan to be awarded membership in the National Academy of Sciences. Until recently, he was also the only MSU professor in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Dye discovered two new classes of compounds: the alkalides and the electrides, providing new insight into the nature of these compounds, and greatly improving our understanding of the nature of species formed when alkali metals dissolve without oxidation.

At age 70, Dr. Dye received the highest award given for Inorganic Chemistry in the United States, the American Chemical Society National Award in Inorganic Chemistry. His distinguished career has resulted in more than 225 research papers, including publications in Science, Nature and the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

About SiGNa’s Science

SiGNa’s line of safe, free-flowing stabilized alkali metals retain the desirable reactivity of the parent metals, but without dangerous or combustible properties. Our materials react controllably and with predictable activation that can be adapted to a variety of industrial applications. Usable in batch and continuous processes, these products can be used as reducing agents, catalysts, for oil and gas recovery, and as a portable source of hydrogen. By harnessing the power of alkali metals, SiGNa helps its customers improve production processes, reaction times, safety operations, and lower costs.

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