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SiGNa CEO Michael Lefenfeld on the “Connected Worker”

January 1, 2017

SiGNa’s CEO and president, Michael Lefenfeld, was one of many industry leaders quoted in the Digital Transformation Initiative’s (DTI) final report on the Oil and Gas Industry.

The DTI is a global project launched in 2015 to analyze the effect of digital technologies on business and society. It looks ahead to the next decade and offers insight on how industry and society can benefit from an increase in digitization.

Michael spoke on the idea of the “Connected Worker,” which revolves around the idea that a worker who is better connected to information and technology will be able to make more informed and productive decisions.

“A human in the middle of the digital environment is still using age-old technologies like walkie-talkies,” Michael said. “We need to digitize the human. Digitalization is not about removing people but about making operations safer and efficient. It will create new jobs but will change the type of jobs … Digitalization will enable safe, efficient, reliable and affordable access to energy.”

You can view the entire report, along with reports from other industries, at the DTI website.

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