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Congresswoman Slaughter Visits SiGNa Plant in Rochester, New York

March 10, 2017

The SiGNa team was pleased to host U.S. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter at our Rochester manufacturing facility. The Congresswoman, who represents New York’s 25th district, was eager to learn more about SiGNa and the new technology jobs that the company has brought to Rochester.

Mike Alt, SiGNa’s VP of Manufacturing, gave the Congresswoman a tour of the ActiveEOR® manufacturing facility. ActiveEOR®, a product used to improve the recovery of heavy oils, supports the State’s goal of creating new energy-related jobs and bringing new materials to market that are environmentally friendly.

As the Congresswoman toured the plant floor, she also met some of SiGNa’s chemical operators and discussed the significance of their new positions. One of the Congresswoman’s passions is creating jobs in upstate New York, and with SiGNa on track to create more than 100 permanent and ancillary jobs in Rochester, she was eager to get to know the folks who are bringing this product to life.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Mike Alt, SiGNa’s VP of Manufacturing

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