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November 22, 2016


Rochester, N.Y.  November 2, 2016: SiGNa Oilfield announced today the launch of a new website to serve its Canadian heavy oil customers. SiGNa Oilfield, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SiGNa Chemistry, distributes SiGNa’s ActiveEOR® product line throughout the Canadian market and operates oil wells in the Lloydminster region. The company’s continued growth in Canada demanded a more versatile online presence, which would make it easy for producers to learn more about these novel oilfield chemicals.

Headquartered in Calgary, SiGNa Oilfield provides oilfield chemicals that improve heavy oil recovery and well maintenance operations. Key well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications for these materials include post-Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) stimulations, chemical EOR stimulations, carbonate wettability alteration, and asphaltene/pipeline clean-out. The company also works with industry partners to demonstrate how its products, which generate a clean, portable source of heat and pressure using naturally-occurring alkali metals, can improve the recovery of heavy crudes.

“With this stabilized alkali metal platform, we have a unique and powerful chemistry that can disrupt traditional industries,” said Michael Lefenfeld, President & CEO of SiGNa. “We are eager to continue breaking barriers in the heavy oil industry and the launch of the SiGNa Oilfield website will help us reach Canadian partners who are interested in improving oil recovery using a green technology.”

Stabilized alkali metals are clean, high-performing chemicals that are used in a variety of industries, including industrial chemical processing, petrochemical refining, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and oil and gas recovery. The company uses a proprietary process to transform pure alkali metals into safe, easy-to-use materials that deliver significant improvements in yield, throughput, and cost. These chemicals produce only benign by-products and cause less impact on the environment.

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