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SiGNa’s ActiveEOR® technology featured in Oilweek

March 13, 2017

The most recent issue of Oilweek featured SiGNa’s ActiveEOR® technology, describing both the benefits for improving oil recovery and the process for injecting the material into the formation.

The well stimulation process is highlighted as being very low impact, meaning that very few carbon emissions are added to the atmosphere during the manufacture or use of ActiveEOR®. This added benefit makes ActiveEOR® a perfect fit for Oilweek’s “Green Issue”, which covers sustainable energy practices in the Canadian oil industry.

“Our material isn’t recycled,” Michael Lefenfeld, SiGNa’s CEO, says. “When you use ActiveEOR®, everything is consumed in the reaction. The only by-product created is an alkali solution, which reacts with the formation acids and generates an in-situ surfactant. This alkali by-product very common and is even the main ingredient that’s used in your household detergent and your toothpaste. So it’s very environmentally friendly.”

Not only is ActiveEOR® low impact, it’s also an economic solution for producers. ActiveEOR® stimulations can add five or 10 percent in additional recovery. “Producers are looking at a few dollars per barrel in terms of additional recovery,” Michael says.

You can read the full profile on Oilweek’s website here.

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