a safe, portable source of hydrogen

ActiveFuel™ safely generates hydrogen for consumer, industrial, and military applications. It is a lightweight, non-toxic and thermally-stable material that reacts with water to produce high-purity, humidified hydrogen. No PEM catalyst poisons or stream diluents are formed (such as CO and CO2) that might be detrimental to fuel cell performance.

Delivering 5 W-hr to 30 kW-hr of energy, this product is portable and scalable from small consumer devices to larger backup and military power applications. No compressed gas or fossil fuels are used, making this a safe solution anywhere – on rooftops, in homes or even on commercial airplanes. 


  • Lightweight systems with long runtimes
  • Load-following hydrogen generation
  • Flexible start/stop capability
  • No compressed gas, combustible fuels
  • Unlimited fuel storage

Physical Properties

Physical Form: Solid particles
Tapped Density: 0.8 g/cm3
Bulk Density: 1.62 g/cm3
Particle Size, Range: 850 – 3750 um
Hydrogen Yield: 0.09 g H2/g ActiveFuel™


  • Backup Power
  • Industrial Power
  • Military Power
  • Emergency Response Power
  • Consumer Products
  • Outdoor Products
  • Transportation

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