Sodium Oxide-Alumina Isomerization Catalyst

ActiveIsom® is a highly-active olefin isomerization catalyst useful for converting alpha olefins to higher value feedstock

ActiveIsom® has been successfully deployed and fully validated in established supply chains. It is easy-to-use, long lasting, and highly selective in the presence of impurities and poisons.

Suitable for batch or continuous processes, ActiveIsom® delivers significant improvements in throughput, safety, and cost for large-scale olefin isomerization without skeletal rearrangements or reactivity to common impurities.

Physical Properties

Physical Form: Powder

Bulk Density: 0.884 g/mL

Particle Density: 3.1419 g/cc

Total Sodium: 11% – 14%

Particle Size, Avg: 80 – 130 micron

Particle Size, Range: >98%, 10 – 200 micron

Vinyl Norbornene to Ethylidiene Norbornene

Ethylidiene norbornene (ENB) is a primary component of EPDM rubbers, making ENB paramount to the automotive, construction, and tire industries. ENB is traditionally produced through vinyl norbornene (VNB) isomerization utilizing alkali metals dissolved in liquid ammonia at extreme temperature and pressure. ActiveIsom® produces high-purity ENB at convenient temperatures, higher throughputs and without pyrophoric materials or hazardous waste generation. 

Alpha Olefin Isomerization

Alpha olefin isomerization provides a range of materials that are used as feedstock for the paper, personal care, and oilfield industries. Traditionally, internal olefin production methods generate skeletal rearrangements along with the isomerization or are toxic and generate by-products that must be filtered from the reaction media. ActiveIsom® provides the productivity and convenience of a heterogeneous catalyst at convenient operating temperatures and without skeletal rearrangements or toxic by-products.


  • Paper
  • Roofing
  • Tire Production
  • Construction Rubber
  • Automotive Rubber

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