Oil & Gas Chemicals

A new class of green chemicals that increase recovery from oil & gas reservoirs


SiGNa’s oil & gas products combine the benefits of chemical, immiscible gas, and thermal flooding techniques to give producers the advantages of three oil recovery techniques from one easy-to-use, pumpable chemical. Silicides can be used as a standalone chemical or injected alongside other EOR techniques. Usable at any depth and with any viscosity, silicides generate heat, pressure, and silicates downhole, within the formation. No heat is lost on the surface and only minimal losses to the wellbore casing and tubing strings. These green chemicals produce only benign by-products and deliver cleaner wastewater, causing less impact on the environment.

Chemical EOR

recover 50-98% of oil remaining after water flooding and ASP

Post-CHOPS Production

bring new life to declining or suspended post-CHOPS wells

Hydraulic Fracturing

increase production and better manage wastewater

Carbonate Wettability

convert carbonate formations to highly water-wet, even at high temperatures

Pipeline Cleanout

selectively apply heat to pipelines and wellbores to remove wax build up and increase flow