Pipeline Cleanout & Well Stimulation

remove deposit build up and restore near-wellbore and flowlines

With heavier crudes, wax and asphaltene deposits can build up in wellbores, flowlines, and surface facilities, reducing injectivity and restricting flow. If left unaddressed, these deposits can eventually block production to the point that flows become uneconomic, thereby reducing the profitability of wells and fields containing high-wax content crudes.

ActiveEOR® can selectively deliver the heat and energy needed to remove heavy wax deposits.  Upon reaction, the heat and diesel swell and dissolve the deposits. The hydrogen gas creates additional pressure to stimulate the problem area and mobilize stubborn deposits, resulting in a free and open near wellbore area or flowline zone.

To learn more about ActiveEOR® for deposit removal, please contact us at sales@signachem.com.