ActiveEOR® for Chemical EOR

Steamlike Benefits from a Chemical Flood

ActiveEOR® recovers more oil via viscosity reduction due to heat, increased drive energy due from gas expansion, and produced surfactants to contribute to IFT reduction. ActiveEOR® can be used alone or augment polymer / surfactant flooding and ASP techniques to maximize production. 

Each barrel of ActiveEOR® generates up to 500,000 BTU (the equivalent of 1.3 bbl of steam) in the oil zone, without generating greenhouse gases. All heat is generated in the oil zone, eliminating losses at the surface and to the well string. When ActiveEOR® is used after a water flood, recovery increases range from 50% up to as much as 98% more oil. The generation and expansion of hydrogen gas within the core also creates a faster production start, by up to 20%.

With ActiveEOR®, assets that are marginal for EOR due to depth, crude viscosity or gravity can be shifted into the recoverable category, opening up currently trapped crudes.


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