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Injected either as a Huff ‘n Puff process or a chemical flood, ActiveEOR® penetrates reservoir pore spaces. Upon reaction with water, heat and high-pressure hydrogen gas are rapidly released, and a soluble alkali silicate is generated, helping reduce viscosity and  interfacial tension (IFT) and increasing oil mobility. All reaction products are generated directly in the oil zone, eliminating heat loss and maximizing production benefits.

ActiveEOR® also provides an efficient way to deliver heat to reservoirs compared to conventional steam projects. CSS (cyclical steam stimulation) and SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) projects experience 5-30% heat loss before the injected steam reaches the reservoir. With ActiveEOR®, the chemical reaction occurs in the reservoir, eliminating heat losses in surface piping and wellbores. In terms of a pure heat equivalent, 1.0 bbl of ActiveEOR® will provide the same energy as 1.90 bbl of condensing steam (500 psi). This ratio could be as high as 2.7 bbl of condensing steam when including unavoidable heat losses found in thermal operations.

The injection process can be implemented safely without risk to the well, field equipment, or personnel. This unique combination of thermal, chemical & immiscible gas mechanisms in one chemical is usable as a standalone technology or with other EOR technologies.

ActiveEOR® can be economically applied to a range of well types and operations. No wellbore or infrastructure changes are required, allowing for a low-cost operation.

The result is maximum recovery with minimal environmental impact.



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